Current and Past Bands, Recordings, Tourings

Current and Past Bands, Recordings, Tourings

Selected Recent and Past Touring/Playing: 

Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop, Califone, Death Vessel, Micah Blue Smaldone,  Arch Cape, Field Drums, The Huntress and Holder of Hands, Michael Hurley, Norfolk & Western, M.Ward, Laura Gibson, Jolie Holland, Mirah, The Decemberists, Bright Eyes, Laura Veirs, Tara Jane O'Neil,  Corrina Repp.

An Extensive but Incomplete Recording History.


Hold Time (LP, Merge Records, 2009)
To Go Home (EP, Merge Records, 2007)
Post-War (LP, Merge Records, 2006)
Transistor Radio (LP, Merge Records, 2005)

She and Him

Volume One (LP, Merge Records, 2008)

Jolie Holland

The Living and the Dead (LP, Anti, 2008)

The Decemberists

Picaresque (LP, Kill Rock Stars, 2005)
16 Military Wives (Single, Rough Trade, 2005)
Picaresqueties (EP, Kill Rock Stars, 2005)
The Tain (EP, Acuarela Discos, 2004)
Billy Liar (Single, Rough Trade, 2004)
Her Majesty, The Decemberists (LP, Kill Rock Stars, 2003)

Minus Five

Sad Hasselhoff (EP, Yep Rock, 2008)

White Hinterland

Phylactery Factory (LP, Dead Oceans, 2008)

Norfolk & Western

Dinero Severo (LP, 3 Syllables, 2010)
The Unsung Colony (LP, Hush Records, 2006)
A Gilded Age (LP, Hush Records, 2006)
If Your Were Born Overseas (LP, self-released, 2005)
Dusk in Cold Parlours (LP, Hush Records, 2003)
Winter Farewell (LP, FILMguerrero, 2002)

Laura Gibson

La Grande (CD, Barsuk Records, LP Jealous Butcher Records, 2012)
Beast of Seasons (LP, Hush Records, 2009)
If You Come to Greet Me (LP, Hush Records, 2006)

The Portland Cello Project 

Homage (LP, Jealous Butcher Records, 2012)
Thousand Words (CD, 2010)

Herman Dune

Strange Moosic (LP, Indie Europe/Zoom, 2011)


Gone Are All the Days Remixes (EP, K Records, 2010)

Shelley Short

A Cave, A Canoo (CD, Hush Records, 2009)
Captain Wild Horse (Rides The Heart of Tomorrow)  (CD, Hush Records, 2006)
Water For the Day (CD, Hush Records, 2008)

Musee Mechanique

Hold This Ghost (CD, Frog Stand, 2008)

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Rabbit Fur Coat (LP, Team Love Records, 2006)

Corrina Repp

The Absent and the Distant (LP, Caldo Verde Records, 2006)